Getting started!

Hi guys,

So this is my first ever post on my first ever blog.

Almost about three months back , I went to Mumbai for a finance internship in a fintech startup called IFAnow. My role was to test the application for bugs and provide my views about the user experience of the web application.I enjoyed doing every bit of it.

During my month long internship at the company , I interacted with the backbone of the startup, the programmers. Little did I know that these very interactions were going to shape my coming years and most importantly, ME.

They would keep discussing logic, bugs, layouts and everything in between.I gradually found myself getting sucked into their conversations and getting attracted towards a different world all together.

All of this seemed pretty overwhelming at first .I wanted to learn programming,but was a bit skeptical ,about my passion for a subject to which I was a stranger at large. After all programming would suck up hours of learning and practicing; hours which would have otherwise been invested in learning economics (which happens to be my majors in my undergraduate college).But all my doubts and worries were put to rest by this

FAN-TAS-TIC video:

Finally, I decided that I’m definitely gonna learn ‘TO-CODE’

During my internship period itself, I started learning HTML5 and CSS3 from the course available on Codecademy.

My stint at the company proved to be life-changing for me.Here, a couple of things (the full is pretty exhaustive) that I learnt there:

  • Coding is easy, fun and rewarding.
  • Never have I ever felt the inclination towards any particular subject (mathematics once came pretty close), that I had felt for programming.
  • If there’s one skill that was going to change the demographics of  centuries to come, it definitely has to be programming.

It’s been three months since the revelation ,and I’ve come a long way since then. I’ll be posting more about my journey and the applications/programs that I build along this journey.



This blog-cum-website is about a student’s journey from an amateur to a hopefully better coder.